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of the best proposals

We do our best for you to hear a cherished word


We do our best for you to hear a cherished word

You can go two ways:

Make up and organize all by your own forces

You’ve been racking your brains about expressing yourself and making that very proposal your beloved one has been dreaming about since the childhood. You gather your friends and sit down to create an original scenario, as you don’t want banalities.

Even having come up with a decent idea, you are terrified understanding that you don’t know the best romantic places of your city, stores where you can find suitable to the occasion décor. You are baffled to gather 100 people for a flash mob or to get a camel in winter)

Gradually it turns out that friends have their own business, work that they can’t put aside for a couple of days.

After this you yourself or, at best with a couple of enthusiasts left, start doing something less grandiose but “from the heart and with a soul”.

At every stage of preparation men, as a rule, face with a great number of obstacles, since they are inexperienced. You shouldn’t forget that all your preparations must be kept a secret till the last moment.

In the long run, having spent a lot of time and forces, you get not what you wanted initially for a larger sum of money.

Are you ready for this?
All concerns and an idea search you can leave to us
  • Coming to our office, while drinking a tasty cup of tea( or coffee, or in a phone mode) you are telling us your love story or exciting moments of your relations in short, so as we can play them out in some interesting way.

  • We offer you omnifarious ideas and will keep on doing this till you hear the one that is to your liking.

  • Right then we start the preparation and realization of all these stages, therefore we free up your time.

  • The only thing left to you is the choice of the ring (though we can help even with this).

  • On the chosen day we make your dream come true and you just ask the main question. After this you see tears of happiness in her eyes and hear a cherished word “Yes!”

Warning! She will for sure tell all her friends about this event and for a long. Long time will remember it at the family celebrations and tell the story to your future children!

It’s obvious that it is beneficial to order the organization, as you get rid of many problems, save up money and can devote your free time to your beloved one.


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Do you have a question? Order free consultation providing the consideration
of your Love Story



why you should address just us!

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    We are recommended 62% of clients address us on the recommendation of their friends and acquaintances

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    Successful experience In response to all
    our offers arranged by us
    we got only «YES»

  • 3/

    We are guided by the rule: Nothing is impossible!

  • 4/

    Always in touch we work 24/7 and you can
    address us any time

  • 5/

    Integrated approach We are in charge of a surprise
    organization from A to Z and take
    care of all details, even flowers you are
    going to give

  • 6/

    We put our heart and
    soul in every event
    We are not just engaged in Romantic – we live it

  • 7/

    Wide range of partners and friends, which opens up many opportunities

  • 8/

    Affordable prices we organize events that suit any budget


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Why should you trust us?

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    in the team

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    successful marriage

  • 3478

    unforgettable romantic

  • 11175

    people became happier
    with our help!

OUR GOAL- in cooperation with you give Your Beloved Person one of the best moments in life


the main stages from idea to implementation

  • You leave your request or call us leave the request

  • We contact you for details clarification

  • Coordinate the date
    and the budget

interesting ideas

  • We work on your dream

  • Your beloved one say a cherished word “Yes”!

  • You are happy together and are preparing for the wedding ceremony

You rest!



  • My deepest gratitude to Anastasia for a qualitative , unusual and romantic organization of this important event! Marriage proposal was a really cool and unexpected surprise for a beloved one, which touched deeply not only my beloved one, but me also! We are sincerely grateful to you, wish you to maintain high quality of your service , be creative, support those in love in such important events of their lives! You can trust this team in the most unforeseen situations. We wish you great success and luck, with gratitude, with all our hearts.

  • Irina Grigorchuk @grigorchuk93

    Anastasia and her team did a goo job. They did everything and even more than that. As usual, we are short of time but have Napoleonic plans. Everything happed so fast that I didn’t understand at once how much this person worried about us. The majority of young men think that it seems to be very expensive and they can’t afford it. Guys, call and clarify everything and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be surprised. Anastasia, you are a wizard))

  • Dmitry Olshansky @DimaOL

    Thanks a lot to Romantic! It was excitingly easy and pleasant to work with you, you understood me at a glance and make all wishes reality! You are the professionals and it’s cool! Thank you. Our quest in Kiev was a cool one, we were incredibly happy! We are eager to turn to you again and again! We wish you luck and prosperity in work. Thanks)

  • Bohdan Lutsenko @bogdan.lutsenko.5

    “Romantic” is not just a service of magic organization in your life, it’s people who like what they do and do it professionally! Besides the fact of having thousands of ideas of romantic atmosphere creation, they have thousands variants of their implementation! I can speak for a long time, but I’d say the most important thing.“Romantic” is a team which not only helped me to organize the snazziest and the best event of my life-marriage proposal, but also these people became my friends that worried about the result of the event as much as I did. Thanks to them this day will be in my memory forever! Thank you, guys, for the fact of being in my life and for doing such a noble thing))

  • Alexander Demchenko @ale.dem.969

    Friends, it’s an amazing service! You are real wizards of our time! These guys having only 5 hours to spare could create a fairy tale! I had an argument with my girlfriend and it was a long time since we broke up! I decided to make a proposal, it was the only thing that could save the situation! Guys offered 5 variants of events development at once. They managed to fit everything in my meager budget! It’s a pity that I can estimate their work using only 5 stars, I’d give you 100! A lot of thanks for the work done! If you decide to use their service, you’ll not only be please, but also believe in real magic!

  • Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised. Your team and my beloved person thought about everything in such a way, that at the very moment I didn’t understand that everything was for me. Your team is a super one! You find simple, but at the same time creative ideas, I felt myself like in a fairy tale. And the most important thing is that you put your soul in it. Thank you for the organization of this wonderful event with my beloved person. It’s very important for me and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. Guys, you did a good job.


Do you have a question? Order free consultation providing the consideration
of your Love Story