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Свидание на стадионе
from 249000 UAH
Imagine a sports complex of the state –NSC “Olympic”. There is a table of unbelievable beauty served up with refined dishes in the middle of a huge field under bright searchlights . A couple in love is sitting at this table. A man taking a sip of expensive champagne is gently holding the hand of his beloved one being all eyes of her. Smiling, she feels that the whole world belongs to just two of them. She is experiencing both shock and unutterable delight, as the whole stadium is empty. Today they are the VIP stars.It is known that there are no obstacles for those in love. It means that YOU can easily be on the place of this couple in the middle of NSC “Olympic” )We’ll be glad to help you with this)It won’t be just an original date, but an exclusive evening which you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You and your beloved person will be served by a professional waiter. You will enjoy live music or favourite songs sounding all over the stadium. The best cooks will make your gastronomic fantasies a reality. The most famous arena of the country will be fully at your disposal. Such an event is a chic gesture that will definitely be estimated by any girl. We have a feeling that you’ll make a proposal to her in such atmosphere, she will certainly agree! If you want to add more colours to this event, we can display on the scoreboard a touchy text, a slide-show of your joint photos or a video spot prepared in advance saying everything for you.Present a fairy tale to your beloved one. A fairy tale that is filled with unbelievable emotions, delight and a pleasant shock from what is happening. We’ll do everything to make this fairy tale an unforgettable event of your life.)
Свидание в Лимузине
A romantic walk
from 3390 UAH
We’d like to open you a small secret: while you were considering the way of making a surprise to your Sweat heart and Di Caprio was sunbathing, we stole his limousine to organize the best ever date in the world.To be serious, how often you can afford more for yourself? Some people believe that a ride in a limousine is too trivial, being of a bizarre manner and happens only in romantic movies. Others do think that we can afford it only on holidays. But should we wait for a miracle that will turn every usual event into a special one?Let yourself and your beloved one plunge into the magic of luxury and comfort. Just imagine:soft seats, heady champagne in goblets, tasty things and this unbelievably close person nearby….. what is more, you’ll have favourite music, fun, beautiful photos as a token of this event and special atmosphere of a night city encouraging to revelations.Karaoke, a trip to the most unusual corners of the city, hugs or quietness that is sometimes louder than any words of love? It’s up to you to decide) But such a luxurious trip is an excellent opportunity not only to impress a girl you like, but also to make a pleasant and stunning present to the person you have been waking up together for several years. And ,of course, it is the way to rouse old feelings which are impossible to forget.It is an original idea for a posh marriage proposal!We can definitely say : a beloved person will be glad to feel your attention and have an opportunity to spend such a romantic evening with you) Posh is captivating. Sometimes the best way to overcome temptation is to succumb it)
ВОЛШЕБНАЯ НОЧЬ </br> в коттедже с камином
Magic night for two
from 5990 UAH
Every night spent with a beloved one seems to be a magic one for a true romantic. Actually, it is true! You can never have enough romance, can you? What can be better than an ideally organized date in a secluded, cosy cottage where it’s so nice to enjoy light romantic supper in the company of your close person?Just imagine: beautifully served table as a little island of happiness in the middle of the ocean, waiting for a loving couple to come and to be given a truly magic evening. Nice romantic music, fragrant champagne and the most delicate Raffaello- all this you’ll enjoy to the sound of light logs crackling in the fireplace. And the smell…this inexpressible smell of the bonfire! True coziness, peace, romance must smell like this……love.This evening you don’t need to choose the words –your second half will understand everything without them…Love is in intimate blinking of candles, delicate aroma of rose petals with which your room is decorated, outgoing fireplace warmth, every glance.The magic doesn’t require words-they are in surprises we give to our beloved ones.* The price of packages includes the cost of living in any chosen cottage, since the preferences of our clients are very different, and we strive to adjust to your soil desires)**If the cottage is located outside Kiev, transportation costs for organizers leaving the city will be added to the cost (depending on the distance from Kiev)
Свидание в хаммаме
ROMANCE by the swimming pool
in Turkish HAMMAM
from 7990 UAH
Relax with the taste of romance - is the main idea of the date in Hammam! Since olden times not without reason Turkish baths have been considered to be the most healing both for a body and soul. But we’ll do for you more than this: you’ll enjoy the complex of relaxing procedures in ideally organized romantic atmosphere. The moments of true delight in the best room of the sauna are expecting you.After this you’ll find pleasure in plunging into the swimming pool coolness with rose petals or relax in a comfortable leather sofa. Nice romantic music, fragrant champagne and the most delicate candies will set the desired mood for your evening. And it’s only the beginning. Playful blink of candles will add the surrounding atmosphere some magic and you wouldn’t like to leave this gorgeous place. And what for, if you are awaited by beautifully served for a tasty supper table. Our gorgeous ” Red room” will for sure make this evening unforgettable. But who said that a fairy tale must end at midnight? We do know that a true romantic wants to prolong minutes of happiness for the beloved one, that’s why your idea in surplus filled with romance and a relaxing evening can gradually turn into a fabulous night in a gorgeous hotel room on the territory of the complex. To keep the best moments of this amazing evening not only in your memory, at your request, we’ll organize a professional shooting-no matter how much time will it take. You and your beloved one can return again and again to the moments of common happiness you lived in and with tenderness and thrill remember the warmth of Hammam and the heat of your loving hearts)
Прогулка на лошадях
from 2590 UAH
Since Medieval Times horses have been considered the symbol of Love and Passion, a knight that met a lady of his heart being in a saddle looked manfully but at the same time romantic. Even if these times have been already in the past, the magic of these amazing animals unites loving hearts all over the world to this day. A horseback riding with a beloved person is not only the way of expressing your feelings, but also adrenaline, excitement, wind in the hair and incomparablesenses of flight and freedom, that have been almost forgotten in our automobile century.The nature breathing with freedom and peace, fresh , soaked with life air and leisurely scuffle of horseshoes, quiet “I love you”- all this is only the beginning of your delightful evening, just a prelude to the most important –a romantic supper for two people in love.Beautifully served table with tasty snacks and fruits, pleasant glimmering of candles and a quiet whisper of romantic music will turn your evening into a real fairy tale full of magic and harmony, tasty champagne and the most delicate sweets that will fill these moments with sparkling , tart-sweet taste of happiness….To make this evening pleasant for oyu for a long time with nic recollections of the happiest moments, we’ll organize for you a professional photo shooting –a bright reminder of your amazing horseback riding.Not everyone is able to see that horses do have wings, but it’s within the strength of people in love.
image/svg+xml UNDER RENOVATION
Под звездным небом </br> ПЛАНЕТАРИЯ
Date under the starry sky of
from 11990 UAH
Stars are the most mysterious and at the same time attractive , inviting by its incomprehensible beauty phenomenon.From time immemorial they were the embodiment of romance that has been joining loving hearts by some magic shimmering.In the modern rushing world people stop noticing the beauty. They can’t keep up …But the soul of a true romantic, sincerely longing to surprise, please, indulge his second half always finds the way to make a little fairy tale for a beloved one. The fairy tale is filled with tender shimmering of million stars that have seen during their long existence countless number of people in love, whose timid or passionate confessions will be safely kept as a secret.Romantic supper in the planetarium under the starry sky will be not only an original surprise for your second half, but will give you the sea of unforgettable emotions and bright impressions. Tasty supper, beautifully served table, fragrant champagne and fresh fruit, sweets and chocolate fondue, nice romantic music, captivating space movie…we’ll do all to make this evening memorable for long years and recollections about it find their honorable place in the thrift-box of happy moments!Sometimes there are moments when the whole world skips a beat and only you two – a happy couple do exist whispering quiet confessions to each other under billions of listening stars among burning candles and sweet rose petals surrounded by romance and love….
image/svg+xml AFTER OUR VICTORY
Свидание на вертолете
A romantic
from 3290 UAH
Are you dreaming to please your beloved person with unforgettable emotions, bright impressions and colourful recollections?Then a romantic helicopter flight is just what you’ve been searching for!The sense of height is absolutely outstanding, hardly comparable with anything adventure! It’s an extreme breathtaking swagger, romance at one stroke. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to see the most spectacular places of our capital and its neighborhood with your head in the clouds. Endless vastness and centuries-old monuments, rivers and bridges, parks and embankments and the sky! Endless , but existing only for you both sky! These minutes will remain with you for the term of your lives )Recollections of a magic romantic supper will be waiting for you after landing. Beautifully served tables decorated with candles and rose petals, nice romantic music and fragrant champagne-are only the beginning of your unforgettable evening. All this is just a comfortable background for plunging into a happy gloss of beloved eyes and an opportunity to pronounce the main words this evening and the whole life.A romantic helicopter fight can become an excellent cause to make a proposal. If so, we’d be privileged to help you in this question and will prepare all what is necessary for this. Just imagine: you are still flying in the sky, a bright tiny dot below has been already waiting for you. the closer you are to the ground, the bigger it becomes, gradually transforming into the most desired for a beloved one words….Surprise, confusion, delight and happiness-happiness-happiness!Inexpressible, endless happiness, the reason of which is you.People in love want to soar in the sky, don’t they? Don’t deprive yourself and your second half of this opportunity!

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