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Свидание на Олимпийском
from 99000 UAH Order

Imagine a sports complex of the state –NSC “Olympic”. There is a table of unbelievable beauty served up with refined dishes in the middle of a huge field under bright searchlights . A couple in love is sitting at this table. A man taking a sip of expensive champagne is gently holding the hand of his beloved one being all eyes of her. Smiling, she feels that the whole world belongs to just two of them. She is experiencing both shock and unutterable delight, as the whole stadium is empty. Today they are the VIP stars.

It is known that there are no obstacles for those in love. It means that YOU can easily be on the place of this couple in the middle of NSC “Olympic” )We’ll be glad to help you with this)

It won’t be just an original date, but an exclusive evening which you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You and your beloved person will be served by a professional waiter. You will enjoy live music or favourite songs sounding all over the stadium. The best cooks will make your gastronomic fantasies a reality. The most famous arena of the country will be fully at your disposal.

Such an event is a chic gesture that will definitely be estimated by any girl. We have a feeling that you’ll make a proposal to her in such atmosphere, she will certainly agree! If you want to add more colours to this event, we can display on the scoreboard a touchy text, a slide-show of your joint photos or a video spot prepared in advance saying everything for you.

Present a fairy tale to your beloved one. A fairy tale that is filled with unbelievable emotions, delight and a pleasant shock from what is happening. We’ll do everything to make this fairy tale an unforgettable event of your life.)

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120000 UAH

This month price: 120000 UAH 99000 UAH

Ordered 26 times

Duration: 2 hours

Main sports and cultural arena of the country belongs to ONLY TWO OF YOU this evening

Beautifully served up table


Elegant expensive chairs

The tastiest romantic dinner consisting of :

Your favorite salads

Main course

Refined desserts

Elite soft drinks

The service of your own personal waiter

Live music (saxophone)

Decoration “The magic of candles”

Decoration with rose petals

Decoration with Live flowers

Professional photo session from our VIP-Photographer! - AS A PRESENT!

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Дополнительное время - 1, 2 или 3 часа

Табло с выводом вашего текста, слайд-шоу или видеоролика

Ваш любимый трек-лист, играющий по всему стадиону

Живая музыка (Красивый белый рояль, пианист)

Живая музыка (Скрипка)

Живая музыка (Джаз-бенд)

Живая музыка (Гитара с вокалом)

Трансфер на автомобиле VIP-класса

Видеосъемка с монтажом красивого стильного видео-ролика

Видеосъемка квадрокоптером

Выступление фокусника-иллюзиониста



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We are glad to greet you on the site of the First Ukrainian service for those in love - Romantic.UA!

Our world is the world of romance, tenderness and thrill, care and admiration. It’s the world of the most desired feeling – love! You will find answers on eternal questions: How to impress your beloved girl? How to surprise your boyfriend? What present to choose for a boyfriend? What to give to your girlfriend? Ideas for a romantic evening? Where to go? How to make a declaration of love beautiful? What way of a marriage proposal is original?

We’d love to make all your wishes come true:
  • • Idea for a marriage proposal we’ll turn into a fairy tale so as to keep it in your memory as the happiest day ever;
  • • Organize a beautiful maternity ward discharge, unforgettable bachelor party, fiery hen-party
  • • Create your own love story involving professional photographers and cameramen;
  • • Organize original romantic date in Kiev fulfilling any wish;
  • • Assist in asking for forgiveness in a bright manner;
  • • Organize fascinating romantic quests or help to surprise your beloved one with an extreme date

This list is far from being complete, as it’s impossible to describe everything: romance has no limits as well as our possibilities! You’ll find answers on all your questions, for example how to impress your beloved one, how to organize unforgettable surprise of what to present your beloved one? We succeed in finding an individual approach to any client, because every love story is unique! United team of real romantics, being madly in love with their work, do their best for you. That’s why every our undertaking is destined to be successful! We adore what we are doing! We worship love creation!