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Romantic flight

It’s a romantic flight in a company of a close person! Unforgettable, thrilling impressions are guaranteed!

It’s also an excellent place and a cool idea for a romantic marriage proposal!

The majority of you have a question on this very spot. Why should it be the flight on a plane? It’s easy! 

A mild thrill, plus the beauty of nature especially form a bird’s eye height have been proved to cause the production of special hormones-pheromones!

We have the most suitable for this aim plane. It’s light, with a spacious and comfortable salon, and an experienced pilot at the wheel.

Whenever it’s necessary they can make conversation and show all the beauties. If anything, they tactfully keep quiet as if they are not there at all. They are the aces of the sky and psychology.

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2700 UAH

This Month price: 2300 UAH

Ordered 78 times

Duration: 20 min

on a plane PIPER or CESSNA 172

* the price per 1 passenger, if there are 2 of you

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15000 UAH

This Month price: 12870 UAH

Ordered 125 times

Duration: 1,5 hours

on a plane PIPER or CESSNA 172, 20 minutes

After the landing an Unforgettable Romantic evening will be waiting for you, 1 hour:

Beautifully served table with white tablecloth

Comfortable chairs with pillows

Nice romantic music

Tasty champagne FRAGOLINO

Aromatic elite tea

Delicate Raffaello

Bright Fruit assortment

Assorted Royal сheeses with сonfiture and nuts

Delicious cold cuts

Decoration “The magic of candles”

Sweet rose petals

Diverse romantic décor

Professional shooting as a PRESENT!

Roll it up
19000 UAH

This Month price: 15200 UAH

Ordered 111 times

Duration: 2,5 hours

on a plane PIPER or CESSNA 172

A big banner “Be my wife” which you will fly over.

After the landing an unforgettable romantic evening will be waiting for you, 2 hours

Beautifully served table with white tablecloth

Comfortable chairs with pillows

Aromatic elite tea

Tasty champagne MARTINI ASTI

Delicate Raffaello

Bright Fruit assortment

Assorted Royal сheeses with сonfiture and nuts

Delicious cold cuts

The tastiest salads

Gourmet desserts

Personal Waiter service

Professional shooting -1300

Decoration “The magic of candles”. More candles : )

Sweet rose petals. More petals : )

Diverse romantic décor

Beautiful Bouquet of flowers - AS A PRESENT!

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“In our business age, it is necessary to learn to be a romantic,” said the writer Erich Maria Remarque about the beginning of the twentieth century. The twenty-first century can be compared to a technological whirlwind. Most people today are practitioners. There is not enough time and creativity to organize a romantic date. The ROMANTIC.UA company in Kyiv will help lovers to take advantage of industrial and innovative achievements. Airplane flight is an unforgettable trip for two inseparable hearts. The agency gives a free photo shoot for customers.

What is an air date?
Every girl will be intrigued if a guy calls the sky a meeting place. This is an exciting adventure with a creative approach. Romance in flight will go off scale. At any age, the couple will feel real courage and exciting adrenaline, goosebumps, trembling in the fingertips from gusts of wind. The feeling of freedom makes it possible to understand how strong your feelings are. After that, the couple unites forever.

The aerial tour provides for a flight over picturesque places. From a bird's eye view, you can see the majestic forests, enchanting water surface, historical monuments of antiquity, etc.

After the air walk, the couple will have a romantic dinner. It is nice to listen to relaxing music, enjoy delicious delicacies and drink a glass of champagne.

Lovers will remember with rapture about a pleasant day.

Who is air travel suitable for?
Booking a flight costs:

for a date for two;
for a marriage proposal;
as a gift for an anniversary;
as a birthday surprise, etc.
The most important moments in life can be supplemented by air travel. For lovers, the sky is a symbol of infinity. At a height it seems that the world was created only for them. Other problems become tiny and insignificant. After such a date, you understand that it is necessary to live for your beloved or beloved.

Interesting ideas to complement the plane ride
The experts of our agency will help with advice on how to continue this exciting day.

If you want to give a gift on a date, you can give an engraved watch. Appropriate caption: "When you're around, time stops."

You can organize an air date on a memorable date. Day of acquaintance for this purpose will approach or suit. Subsequently, air walks should be made traditional, annual.

Then you should watch a movie on this topic together. The robinsonade comedy Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford is perfect.

The price of an air adventure depends on the selected package of services. ROMANTIC.UA offers a romantic flight on a PIPER or CESSNA plane. Book a blue sky tour. Experienced pilots will be able to make a date the most vivid impression in the life of two lovers. Become happy, cheerful and rested!