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Magic night for two

Свидание в гостинице
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Every night seems to be magic near your beloved person..but sometimes you want to surprise, please, amaze. There is nothing more desirable than to see again and again a happy shine of beloved eyes and share inexpressible happiness. We offer to enjoy it in a cosy, beautifully decorated room of a hotel among scented rose petals and intimate glimmering of candles, searching in the clouds of tender music and enjoying fragrant taste of champagne.

Stylishly served table will perfectly suit general atmosphere of specifically decorated for you and your second half room of your favourite hotel, where we without exaggeration do create the real magic. If there is no such a place, we’ll find for you a special place, checked by loving hearts of hopeless romantics. An ideal offer for an exquisite romantic supper will become foam Jacuzzi -snow white cradle of happiness. This quiet , existing separately from the whole world hotel room will become your personal island of happiness, recollections of which will be dearly kept all your life on the pages of a photo album.

The price of packages doesn’t include the cost of living in a chosen by your hotel, as the preferences of our clients are very different and we strive to find the one to your liking)
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4500 UAH

This month price: 4500 UAH 2990 UAH

Ordered 121 times


Relaxing jacuzzi with fragrant foam

Tasty champagne

Delicate Raffaello

Decoration “Candles Magic”

Sweet rose petals

Diverse romantic décor

Nice romantic music

9800 UAH

This month price: 9800 UAH 7890 UAH

Ordered 245 times

Duration: all night long

Relaxing jacuzzi with fragrant foam

Beautiful laying of the table in a room

Tasty champagne FRAGOLINO

Delicate Raffaello

Bright fruit assortment

Assorted Royal сheeses with сonfiture and nuts

Delicious cold cuts

Bright latex balloons in the form of heat -15 units

Decoration “Candles Magic”. More candles : )

Path of candles and petals

Sweet rose petals. More petals : )

Diverse romantic décor. More décor : )

Nice romantic music

Professional shooting as a PRESENT!

16000 UAH

This month price: 16000 UAH 13990 UAH

Ordered 196 times


Relaxing jacuzzi with fragrant foam

Beautiful laying of the table in a room


Delicate Raffaello

Bright fruit assortment. More fruit : )

Assorted Royal сheeses with сonfiture and nuts

Delicious cold cuts

Two tastiest salads


Professional shooting

Bright latex balloons in the form of heat -15 units

Path of candles and petals

Bright heart made of candles and petals

Decoration “Candles Magic”. More and more candles : )

Sweet rose petals. More and more petals : )

Diverse romantic décor. More and more décor : )

Nice romantic music

VIP hour limousine ride as a PRESENT!


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Our world is the world of romance, tenderness and thrill, care and admiration. It’s the world of the most desired feeling – love! You will find answers on eternal questions: How to impress your beloved girl? How to surprise your boyfriend? What present to choose for a boyfriend? What to give to your girlfriend? Ideas for a romantic evening? Where to go? How to make a declaration of love beautiful? What way of a marriage proposal is original?

We’d love to make all your wishes come true:
  • • Idea for a marriage proposal we’ll turn into a fairy tale so as to keep it in your memory as the happiest day ever;
  • • Organize a beautiful maternity ward discharge, unforgettable bachelor party, fiery hen-party
  • • Create your own love story involving professional photographers and cameramen;
  • • Organize original romantic date in Kiev fulfilling any wish;
  • • Assist in asking for forgiveness in a bright manner;
  • • Organize fascinating romantic quests or help to surprise your beloved one with an extreme date

This list is far from being complete, as it’s impossible to describe everything: romance has no limits as well as our possibilities! You’ll find answers on all your questions, for example how to impress your beloved one, how to organize unforgettable surprise of what to present your beloved one? We succeed in finding an individual approach to any client, because every love story is unique! United team of real romantics, being madly in love with their work, do their best for you. That’s why every our undertaking is destined to be successful! We adore what we are doing! We worship love creation!